Title 24 FAQ

Title 24 Frequently Asked Questions

Title 24 FAQ

Q: What is Title 24?

Title 24 is a 12 part section of the Building Standards Code in California. However, when people mention “Title 24” they are usually referring to Title 24, Part 6 which deals with energy efficiency. This code was established in 1978 in order to reduce California’s energy consumption. Before the County or City Building Department approve your permit they will ask that you provide them with a Title 24 energy report that complies with the efficiency standards.

Q: What is a Title 24 report?

The Title 24 energy report, also referred to as CF-1R forms, is a set of documents that confirms that your project’s building design complies with the Title 24 energy standards.

Q: When is Title 24 required?

Whether or not the building department requests a Title 24 energy report depends on the scope of work of your project. The following will trigger the need for a report: New construction, making changes to the exterior envelope of a building (walls, roof, floor, windows, doors), alterations to HVAC and water heating systems, new kitchen range hood.

Q: When is Title 24 NOT required?

Interior changes to a building typically do not require a Title 24 energy report. If you’re every uncertain whether you need a report or not, feel free to send us your plans along with a description of the scope of work and we can let you know.

Q: What is Title 24 compliant?

Being Title 24 compliant means that your project’s proposed design meets the energy code standards via either the “prescriptive” or “performance” method.

Q: How much does Title 24 cost?

Please refer to our Title 24 Pricing page for details on our pricing

Q: How do you get Title 24 certified?

After our Title 24 consultants have your project complying with California’s energy standards, we’ll register your Title 24 report with a HERS provider and email you the 8.5” x 11” PDF sheets. Included in your Title 24 report will be Residential Measure Summary (RMS) sheets. Both sets will need be submitted to your building department.

Q: Is there a Title 24 inspection?

While there is no inspection required for your Title 24 energy report, you may require a HERS inspection or test later on during the construction phase. Please refer to the question below for further details on what exactly is HERS testing.

Q: What is Title 24 HERS testing?

HERS testing is an inspection or test that is done by a third-party inspector called a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rater. It is required for all new construction projects and for existing projects where a new kitchen range hood is installed or HVAC systems or ductwork are being replaced.

Q: What areas do you provide Title 24 services to?

Although we’re based in Los Angeles we provide Title 24 services to all of California.

When did Title 24 solar requirements go into effect?

Beginning with the 2019 energy code which went into effect January 1, 2020, all new residential construction projects in California are required to have solar panels. 

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